1. Do Browsing
  2. Visit www.friidi.com
  3. Register yourself
  4. Welcome to FRIIDI Family!
  5. Start getting offers, discounts, best deals at your doorstep
  6. Avail it by reaching to the desired outlet at your convenient time.
  7. Get Quality Product at a very Low Price.
  8. Enjoy the deal
  1. Go to Google Play Store Download Friidi App
  2. Register Yourself
  3. Welcome to FRIIDI Family!
  4. Start getting offers, discounts etc. at your phone on a single click
  5. Avail it by clicking on Get Deal Option.
  6. Reach to the desired outlet at your convenient time.
  7. Get Quality Product at a very Low Price.
  8. Enjoy the deal
There's a deal I like. What do, I do?

A great deal is like Lots of Offers, Savings in your hand. It won't wait around forever. Soclick "GET DEAL" before the offer ends and you'll find a Coupon Code in your inbox or onyour phone at your place.

Do I need to register to get the deal?

Yes, at www.friidi.com, the customer is like a valuable guest. We believe Guest as per the Indian Tradition is God. You may sign up by using your email-id and mobile number. Thechoice is yours, your majesty.

Do I need to use the COUPON CODE the day I get it?

No. But make sure to use it before the Coupon Code Expiry Date. Do check the detailscarefully before encashing it.

How can I get my business on Friidi?

Welcome Aboard, partner with us by registering yourself on the website by clicking on Free Listing on the top of the Window.

Are there any terms & conditions for getting deals?

Yes, you'll find them under terms and conditions on the Friidi Portal.
Do read them carefully and make fruitful decisions.

Are there any "hidden conditions"?

No, what you see on the terms and conditions page is what you get.

What is the meaning of offer?

Offer is nothing but more than anything for the people who believe in getting qualitative product at a very low price and wants to save one’s hard earned money. For this particular cause, FRIIDI is the best option! We provide best offer in the form of discounts available at a particular store in your city as well as free coupon code through the Website and App to avail all the best deals at your desired location. STAY CONNECTED, BE HAPPY, AND ENJOY LIFE!

I deleted the email with the Coupon Code by mistake! What do I have to do?

Due, don’t panic it's just an email! We'll send you another one. Apart from this you will get Coupon Code on phone as well. In case you face any problem, please call us directly on 0751-4922623.

Can I use the SMS with the Coupon Code details?

Definitely! Just show the SMS with coupon code details at store to enjoy your deal.
We suggest you read the terms of the deal bought by you.

I am getting too many deals that are not relevant to me!
Can't I just get stuff I am interested in?

You are the boss! Login to your Friidi account and chat with our Customer Support inform about your preferences, we will display the related information and you may use it in a better way according to your tastes and preferences.

Are there any taxes?

No, Always check terms and conditions.

How can I save my money?

You can save money by getting the relevant discounts at a store near to your place as well as not paying anything to us for getting Coupon Code in order to avail the relevant discounts.